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What is positive dog education?

The cleavage between traditional methods (also known as coercive methods) and positive methods (also known as candy methods or kissing methods) is far from us last! There are still many people who try to preach their parish by tapping each other through various articles and other shock videos to show how my method is better, […]

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Dog’s diarrhea

There is a wide variety of events that can lead to diarrhea in dogs and dogs. It can be a treatment too brutal with a diet or ingestion of an inadequate food or a toxic substance or a parasitic infection or viral. In most cases, fortunately, the diarrhea does not last more than a few […]

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Why does my dog vomit?

Vomiting is quite common in dogs. They do not necessarily underlie serious disorders, but they must force us to pay close attention to what they eat and their way of life. In some cases, in fact, vomiting becomes much too frequent and painful, suggesting a serious enough illness requiring urgent medical care. Why does the […]

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5 cute little dogs

Spitz Nain The dwarf or Pomeranian spitz is a dog easy to educate, gently, because it is very receptive and understands easily what one asks him. He also likes to learn how to do tricks. The dwarf spitz has a pointed snout similar to that of the fox. Small stuffed living, he can live in […]